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We Makes Your Place Be More Clean & Hygienic

In Today’s World, Not every product that claims to be natural actually is. at EarthRup, we take the pledge to be natural seriously! None of our products are made with harmful and toxic ingredients. Every ingredient we use has a purpose that’s beneficial to your body! We use natural and plant-based ingredients, we’re here to build a brand that acknowledges a simple truth, beauty can have integrity.

Our commitment to research, testing, and innovation ensures that all our personal care products are safe, effective.


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Why Choose Us

All EarthRup products are free from toxins like Sulphates, Parabens, Colors, Artificial Fragrance, Animal Derivatives, Mineral oil and use only IFRA base fragrance, which is non allergic and toxic.

We list every ingredient on the labels and do not mislead you with tall claims and false promises and close to the environment by being Vegan, Cruelty-Free.

Our all products are FDA Approved and Made In INDIA.